Real Estate Package:

1. Primary Features

    • Full custom home page designed by our design team
    • Inner pages are color-matched with custom home page
    • Your photo, logo and prominent contact information
    • Your real estate company page
    • Updatable featured property
    • Ability to add MLS search (Multiple MLS capability)
    • Optional user sign-up: Users can sign-up through a standard sign-up system. Then you would be able to bookmark properties, save search and receive notification emails from the system.

2. Listing Search

    • Dynamic Search Module Add-on
    • Ajax-based Search and Refinement: The search results can be displayed on-the-fly, based on Ajax technology. Users do not need to press on the search button, but changing each search parameter updates the search results immediately.
    • Sort Listing: Sorting the search results or the listing based on several parameters: price, number of bedrooms, date, rank, etc.
    • Saved Search: If user sign-in feature is utilized, they can save their search criteria and receive notification emails if a new property within the same search criteria becomes available. They can also send their saved search to a friend.
    • Bookmark Property: If user sign-in feature is utilized, users can bookmark properties for future references.

3. Listing Share

    • Share on Facebook: This sends the URL of the property directly to the user’s Facebook wall.
    • Send to a friend: Users can send a property to a friend directly from the property show page.

4. Email notification

    • If user sign-in feature is utilized.

5. Property Management

    1. Flex ad-on:
      • A backend tool for adding/editing Property Parameters. Flex add-on directly updates Property Wizard, Ajax Search module and Property Show page.
    2. Video module:
      • This displays an embedded video from YouTube.
    3. Attachments module:
      • Displays the attachments of the property, including floor plan, contracts, etc.
    4. Your real estate company page
    5. Rooms’ Details Module +Add-on:
      • Displays the details and size of each room in the property.
    6. Property Details:
      • Property Description
      • Features,
      • Location Information
      • Appliances
      • Room Details
      • Attachments
      • etc.
    7. Image Gallery:
      • Beautiful Image Gallery with nice transitions between images. The advanced Image Resizing function in RPL produces images that look the same size in the gallery, allowing for smooth transition between images.
    8. Google Map for Property Show:
      • This shows the location of the property on Google map in the property details page.
    9. Google Map Street View:
      • If the street view is available in a given area, this tab in the property show page displays the street view.
    10. Neighborhood Information:
      • Displays the proximity of the property with different points of interests.
    11. Listing Type Manager:
      • Backend: Defining Listing Types for rent, for sale, vacation rental, student accommodation, etc. These can be used later at the time of adding properties.
    12. Property Type Manager:
      • Backend: Property Type Categories like apartment, villa, office, land, etc. These can be used later at the time of adding properties.
    13. Property View Manager:
      • Through the Flex Add-on: Defining views of the properties. These views can be used later at the time of adding properties.
    14. Lifestyle Manager:
      • Through the Flex Add-on: Defining different Lifestyles (like ski, beach, sportive, spa, etc.) for the Property Wizard and then tagging properties with these lifestyles. This is especially useful for Vacation Rental properties.
    15. Property Tagging:
      • Tagging the properties with Hot Offer, Featured, Open House, Price Reduction, and Foreclosure. For adding a level of control over this feature you need the Membership add-on.
    16. Image Resizing:
      • Supports different methods for resizing images that you can choose depending on your server settings.
    17. Revalidating expired properties.
    18. RSS Feed:
      • Provides RSS feed for the list of the properties
    19. Property Visit Counter:
      • Counts the number of times a certain property is visited. The reports are available in the Property Manager panel for each agent user.

6. Agent Listing

    • Multiple agent capability

7. Flexible Templates

    • The use of multiple templates for different listings is available, for example a listing that would be of most interest to seniors may be portrayed with larger fonts.

8. Search Engine Friendly

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