Tracking ROI

Return on investment tracking or ROI is vital to business advertising success!

Some of our marketing tools have built in statistics reporting but you need to track all your advertising campaigns, online and offline.

Offline Ad Tracking

For example, let’s say you are running a print coupon campaign. It is cumbersome to calculate your return on these campaigns because it usually means collecting redeemed coupons at point of purchase.

There are a number of ways that you can integrate digital properties into print or display ads that will allow you to track your success. Namely:

      1. To make it easy for people with smart phones to take advantage of your coupon, you would integrate a “Text” or SMS feature into the ad so that people could just text a keyword to a phone number or short code in order to get the coupon delivered to their phone. Then instead of clipping the print coupon, it can be simply shown at time of purchase. An example would be a Pizza coupon that stated, “Text pizza to 555-555-5555 to get 20% Off your next order”

        When people texted in, a record of each visit would be kept and the coupon would be delivered immediately to their phone.

      1. Another example would be a print ad that stated “Call 555-555-5555 to get 30% off your next order”

        When people called the number, their phone number would be documented and the call itself would be recorded allowing you to follow up on prospects and also to measure how your staff interacts with the customers.

      1. Another way would be to embed a QR code into the print ad so that, when scanned, it would take them to the URL of your choice or deliver a coupon digitally to their phone.

Online Ad Tracking

With online ad tracking the opportunities are virtually limitless. Basically, ad scenarios can be created from combining any number of tools that can enhance the reach and success of each campaign.

The main thing to remember is the importance of adding each prospect to either an email or a text messaging mailing list as you carry out the campaign. Then you can market to that list endlessly, for free or very little cost, as long as they remain on your list.

Here are some example scenarios:

      1. A digital coupon campaign that, as they are delivered, collects names and emails, allows the prospect to print the coupon and or just leave it on their phone for display at point of purchase.
      2. A combo of a scratch ticket campaign that auto delivers the coupon and builds a mailing list. The scratch ticket campaign will lend a viral effect as people tend to share these things via social media which will vastly extend the reach of your campaign.
      3. A niche targeted social media contest that offers prizes intended to draw out participants (targeted prospects) for a certain niche, builds a mailing list and then allows you to deliver a super targeted coupon to a list of people that are pre-qualified as interested. These are super successful and, again, leave you with a list to market to afterwards.
      4. An online survey combined with a coupon campaign. Sometimes it’s great to get a few questions answered that will shed light on what your customers think about products, services or desires to shed light on steps you can take to make informed decisions on how to market effectively.
      5. Campaigns can be created to track keywords as well. This is effective at proving a Google Sdwords campaign where you are targeting certain keyword phrases but can also be used to track keyword driven traffic to your site or Facebook as well.

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