Maximum Sales

With Facebook & Mobile For Your Business

50% of all Facebook activity is on a mobile device!

  So, you add a “Deals” tab to your Facebook page and add your specials to that tab. Facebook Deals Tab   Great idea – Right? Wrong, you have a problem …..     The tabs you create on Facebook don’t show up on mobile devices! That means you are potentially losing 50% of your Facebook traffic. In addition to that, your content must be optimized for mobile devices too or it won’t appeal to your audience. Now, imagine if you can combine the power of Facebook with the massive boost in sales given by properly structured deals and coupons. That will give you quite a powerhouse for getting more sales. But it leads us back to our initial problem – mobile. With 1 in 2 people using FB on mobile, that means if you want to create a Facebook Page with your deal (and there are many reasons to do this), you are going to lose out on 50%+ of your potential audience. Nobody wants that.   The answer is “Social Deal Solutions”   With Social Deal Solutions you get:

  • Done for you “High Converting” deal pages and coupons
  • They correctly render on all devices
  • We’ll provide stunning graphics or we will use yours
  • Add countdown timers to the page or coupon to increase urgency
  • Build in a Facebook “Like” gateway to get more page likes and make the coupon go viral
  • Add deals or coupons to your website as well as Facebook or both if you like
  • Connect to your auto-responder and build your list automatically
  • Back end management console to manage your deals and view statistics

  Here is how it works:

coupon-step1 coupon-step2 coupon-step3   coupon-PDF  

  You choose the appearance, image, text and a countdown timer if you like. If the person isn’t a fan, the coupon will request that they “Like” your page to get another discount. If the have already Liked your page, it will not offer the extra deal. Once they have Liked your page it will render them a unique coupon code. A button will be present allowing them to print a PDF version of the coupon to bring into your business. At the same time, each download and email address is being recorded in the online admin panel for you. If you have an auto-responder set up, it will also add them to your mailing list automatically.         Coupons can be set to expire on any date or time up to a year from the purchase date!     <—- This is what the PDF coupon will look like although it will be styled with your logo & details.

Here is how to order:  

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