Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Step 1 …. Website Audit Report

I recommend a Website Audit to determine where your business currently rates and exactly what needs to be done. All your onsite edit deficiencies & keyword requirements will be identified and systematically corrected based on the report. Then the landing pages for your products and services can effectively be created or corrected.

Step 2 …. Local Online SEO Foundation Setup

Before you can get the word out, a broad foundation of related properties needs to be created online starting with Google, Bing & Yahoo local pages. Theses are created and claimed manually.

Then between 30 and 50 other properties are created so content (your marketing messages) can be syndicated on a broad scale.

      • Local Page Pkg. Setup – $747 (includes all 3 Google, Bing & Yahoo local pages)
      • 30+ Foundational Property Setup – $497
      • Total pkg. 3 Local Pages & 30+ Foundational Properties – $997

Step 3 …. Offsite Optimization Packages

Effective SEO campaigns run for 12 months. Results can be gained in less time but to ensure that they become firmly entrenched, 12 months is the standard term.

Each Product/Service Landing Page – Starting at $157 per mth. (optimized for 3 keywords)

For large campaigns please contact our support desk here and ask for a quotation.