Scratch Ticket Campaigns
Extremely Powerful Marketing

Here is how you can market your business with one of our scrath campaigns:

  1. Say you’re running a 20% off sale and want an exciting way to get the word out online.

    You create a scratch campaign where every one that scratches is a winner and you deliver a 20% OFF coupon automatically to every participant.

    Take that a step farther and require the winners to enter their name and email before getting the coupon auto-delivered. That way you build a list of prospects that you can market to again and again after the campaign.

  1. Another scenario may be where you have a special web page set up that contains a list of all the products you currently have on sale.

    You create a campaign where all the winners are automatically redirected to that page after they scratch the card.

  1. Yet another scenario is when you are trying to build a list to market to through a newsletter. Just asking people to sign up for a newsletter seldom works but when you add them to your list through a scratch campaign, people sign up in droves to get access to what ever the prize you offer is.

    That prize could be a coupon, access to a specific web page or a digital download like software or an ebook.

You can run these on a weekly, monthly or yearly basis – what ever gives you the best results. Try the sample to the right ……….

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Order A Static Campaign


These are campaigns where you want everyone to win. For example – simply delivering a coupon tho all participants.

Order A Competition Campaign

These campaigns allow you to set to total number of tickets available and exactly how many of them result in a win.

Order A Random Campaign

These campaigns allow the software to randomly choose who is a winner for as long as you run the campaign.