Automated Newsletter Campaigns

Typical newsletter campaigns are sent out on a monthly or weekly frequency by hand.

This is totally acceptable and effective as long as the newsletter is designed correctly but the best way to deliver a newsletter is in an automated fashion using auto-responder sequences. Check the page on Mailing List Management
for more details on this.

In short, you pre-write the newsletters and set them up to be auto-delivered on certain dates. Many times you can develop numerous letters within a short time and queue them up so that this is a once in a while task instead of on a more tight schedule.

Then, when ever you have a sales or other event that is set up on the fly, you can just send out an extra broadcast message to announce it.

Newsletter content should be made up of niche related news that your followers will be interested in but it is good to augment the content with social events and tactics.

Ensuring Your Newsletter Is Opened & Read

Contests, surveys, coupons and scratch ticket campaigns are great for creating buzz around your newsletter.

They will constantly add new subscribers and ensure that they stay engaged and, when done right, will be shared on social media.

Mobile Enhanced Newsletter

Many people only use their mobile devices these days to get email and surf the web. Don’t forget to integrate sms signup capabilities into your plan so you don’t miss any subscribers.

A solid plan for launching and delivering a successful newsletter campaign is crucial.

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