Mobile Marketing

Mobile internet access is the fastest growing traffic segment of any type online today,

It is imperitive that your website is fully mobile optimized so you maximize traffic but also because Google has begun to penalize sites that aren’t mobile ready.

Converting Mobile Traffic To Sales

Your website  should have optimized content that attracts search traffic but it’s what you do with the traffic after it gets there that determines your ability to convert the traffic into sales.

Not all your traffic is going to make a purchase on the first visit to your site and you must have ways to interact and capture their lead details so that you can retarget the leads over time to maximize sales.

Mobile Marketing Tools

We offer a full mobile toolset, all accessed from a convenient dashboard, that allow our clients to capture leads and retarget them using automated systems.

Using these tools to interact with your prospects:

    • Keeps traffic on your site longer
    • Provides interactive systems that capture and manage leads
    • Promotes sharing of your content
    • Greatly establishes your brand awareness

View the list of tools and their descriptions on the right.

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List Building

List Building capabilities allow you to create unlimited lists so that you can segment your traffic into lists for each product and service you offer along with general lists should you need them.

Almost every tool in the system allows you to capture leads by using it in your marketing.

When sending, you can choose to send the messages to one, some or all the lists at once.

Messages can be brodcast messages (one off like when you want to announce something on the fly) or sheduled in an auto-responder sequence (sequences can be one or more messages set to auto-deliver over time at certain dates allowing you to automate prospect retargeting)

Appointment Manager

The appointment manager is suited to certain types of businesses obviously but gives you or your staff an extremely inexpensive and immediate way to keep in contact with clients and manage their time with your business.

Everything can be managed from a desktop or laptop computer but all the interaction is done through SMS (text) messaging and can be mostly automated.

Birthday Wishes

This tool is excellent for businesses with repeat clients. It can be totally automated.

That small bit of thoughtful contact can win you a lot of repeat business and costs you virtually nothing to manage.

Just set it and forget it.


The mobile couponing system is extremely robust. It allows you to:

  • Design & style your own coupons
  • Integrates with list building so that you can add more people to your lists as people propogate the campaign
  • Integrate a Bar coding or POS system (not every system is compatible)
  • Use text and images
  • Integrates with almost every other tool so that no matter what someone does you can reward them with a coupon
  • Allows your staff to claim coupons at point of sale
  • Allows integrated social sharing
  • Tracks and reports statistics so you can evaluate the success of your campaigns

Loyalty Program

Managing a physical loyalty card system can be sloppy but they are generally a great hit and bring in lots of extra business and sales.

By automating this you enable people to keep their cards on the phone and then when they reach to card payout, you can auto-deliver a coupon from the couponing system that is their prize.

This is also another great way to add extra people to your sms lists and get them sharing via the social sites for extra traffic.

Mobile Polls

These are simple polls but are extremely easy to create and launch from your dashboard.

You can offer an auto-delivered coupon as a reward for taking the poll and it’s another way to add new people to your lists.

For more robust mobile polls please see our service here.

Mobile Websites

That’s right, you can create and manage an entire mobile website from this dashboard.

If your existing website isn’t mobile optimized, this can be an excellent alternative to having your main site recreated.

Your webmaster only has to add a couple lines of code to your existing site and mobile traffic will be auto-delivered to the mobile site on the fly.

If your site is extremely complex, we can create it for you but generally recommend that you get your main site redesigned if that is the case.

QR Codes

QR codes are great at allowing people to integrate digital features into print ads.

The generator allows you to create and style as many as you need.

Social Plugins

Your Facebook and Twitter business accounts can now be integrated with the system so that coupons, polls, questionaires, real estate listings, vehicle listings, landing pages etc. can be shared via social media when you publish them.

That allows you to grow your audience, generate more leads and of course more sales.

Landing Pages

Landing pages are temporary pages that can easily be created on the fly when you want to make a special offer, create a sale or event page or just want to send people to a page for any specific reason as it fits into your marketing plan.

They are usually short, to the point and you can easily incorporate text, images and video content with a few clicks.

You can create active buttons and links to other pages or content and have the page up in minutes.

Once you have been building mobile lists, landing pages are great destinations to announce in your retargeting messages too.


Auto-responders allow you to queue up messages and deliver them on a schedule. That means you can plan a marketing campaign, create all the components required such as lists, keywords, pages, forms, contests, coupons etc. and then schedule it to launch and any future date you like.

Cuts management time to an absolute minimum.


System generated keywords are four digits (ie: cf45) you can create an endless supply at will and are they are always free.

Vanity keywords (ie: pizza) are $10/mth. ea. and you must apply by posting a support ticked request on our help desk to have one added to your account. It’s impossible to get common words like pizza or sales because they are already rented so be creative.

Dashboards for Real Estate & Auto Dealers are coming soon!

Order A Business Pro Package
(for all retail businesses)


Business packages include all the items listed above. You will find video training links beside the different tool options in your dashboard.

There is a one time set up fee of $97 and then it’s $80/mth. for unlimited use of the tools.

We, seperately,  invoice you monthly for $0.10 per text message processed.