Do You Want An Exclusive Mailing List Of Buyers
That You Can Market Freely To At Any Time

Over 95% Of Text Messages Get Opened & Read

So, a list of targeted local prospects and their mobile phone numbers is exactly what your business needs.

Then, you can text your deals to them any time you like.

Just a short time ago, this wasn’t easy or even possible for most business owners but now it is.

Introducing The Managed Mobile Marketing System
from Straight On Solutions

A “Hands Free” system that allows local business owners to grow, manage and
market to a local list of targeted prospects.

Here’s how it works …..

First you get set up with an account so our team has all the details it needs to manage your marketing.

We create you a list to accomodate all the prospects we will be adding.

Then, we create campaigns to add prospects to your list. These are integrated with your website, Facebook page, print advertising and virtually any other method there is of getting the word out.

The best tool for this is our “Text To Win” contests where you post a prize and people simply text in for a chance to win. As they text in, their mobile number is added to your list.

You can announce these campaigns on your Social Media accounts, your website, through email or any where else online.

Dynamic coupon campaigns are created and can be auto-delivered to prospects after they opt in to your contest.

I say Dynamic Coupons because they not only display your deal but:

            • They can be stored on the prospect’s phone so they’re always available
            • They can be tapped to call your business
            • They can be tapped to access your website
            • They can be tapped to display a map and directions to your location
            • They can be shared by the person via Text, Facebook or Twitter
            • They store statistics including number of views, number of clippings and number that are redeemed so it’s easy for you to calculate your return on investment.

Once your list is populated, you can send text marketing messages such as coupon campaigns to the list at any time.

No Limits – Hands Free

There are no limits to the number of recipients your list can hold. The entire system is hands free for the business owner other than one tap on the customer’s phone when a coupon is redeemed.

Get your business started now:

System Setup – $97

Text To Win Campaigns – $97ea. (you supply the prizes)

Dynamic Coupon Campaigns – $297 (up to 1 mth. duration)

Brodcast Text Message Campaigns – $197

Extra List & Key Creation – $60ea.