Email & SMS (text) List Management

You should have a plan to employ and integrate both SMS & Email list management into your marketing. We can help you get set up correctly – call for a consultation or open a support ticket at our help desk.

Email List Management

There are numerous affordable email list management services to choose from. This is one service you don’t want to do yourself.

All top name services ensure that your marketing messages are SPAM compliant and automate everything from signups, unsubscribes and auto-removal & transfer of addresses from one list tyo another.

Trying to manage all this by yourself is a nightmare and will certainly get you in trouble with your ISP if not the government.

We offer Setup and Integration Services – this service will get you set up with email lists created and integrated into your online marketing system in every way. After setup, the service will always be added to new strategies and techniques because list building is the most profitable thing you can add to your business.

Almost every marketing tool and system we offer will integrate into your list management service.

One valuable option you have with these systems is the ability to create and queue up predesigned email sequences so you can automate your sales system and have it working in the background for you 24/7/365. These are called auto-responders.

Some top level services are:


We use and recommend Aweber.

SMS List Management

We have tool sets and apps that allow you to build, manage and market with text messaging.

Some are simple systems and others are robust and feature rich. The beauty of text marketing is that nearly 95% of all text messages get opened and read versus 17% for email.

Our Mobile Marketing Suite is a complete SMS (text) marketing system that allows you to build and manage multiple lists just like the top level email systems do.

The suite has auto-reponder systems built in along with many unique tool sets that enhance your efforts to quickly build lists.

You can create landing pages for sales events and integrate them seamlessly with a few clicks. Almost every action adds a mobile phone number to your list.

The apps we supply can be tailor made to just about any scenario you can dream up. For a list of existing apps please visit our Call Tracking page HERE.

Call us to set up a consultation or open a ticket at our help desk.