Maximize Exposure To Your Business

Using a “Contestfire” online contest from Straight On Solutions to promote your business will:

                  • Increase brand awareness over multiple online social media sites
                  • Leverage Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter to gain referrals
                  • Collect names and emails of all the participants
                  • Add names and emails to your list management service (if you are using one)
                  • Get “Likes” to your existing corporate Facebook page
                  • Get participants to post your details onto their wall so all their friends can see it
                  • Add participants to your mobile list (when combined with our mobile marketing suite)
                  • Run completely hands off (all contests are set up and administered by our team)
                  • Be one of the most cost effective ways to promote your business

Proof Of How We Leverage Social Media To Get You Leads

The graphic below illustrates real results from a recent contest in a small local market.


The above contest:

                  • Is promoting a Casino
                  • Is running in a city with approx. 17,000 population
                  • Was announced using Facebook from the business corporate page
                  • Was announced from the Contestfire Facebook page
                  • Has reached 9.5% of the total city population (1612 visits so far – 20% of total city adult population)
                  • 25% of total visits were gained by direct promotion
                  • 75% were gained by referrals leveraged by the social sharing tools built into the contest software, that’s a 300% increase in reach because of the social sharing tools built into the contest software
                  • Also, 449 leads have been generated so far – a 28% conversion rate

These stats show that the promotional reach of this advertising method was increased 300% by the social efforts of those that were directly invited to participate.

Results You Can Take To The Bank

This marketing method really works where it counts!

So far, this promotion is generating leads at $1.10 ea. That will certainly be reduced more by the end of the promotion as more leads are generated.

The real value is in the list that is accumulated because it costs nothing now to market to these leads over and over again through email – “Priceless!”

Stand alone contests start at $497.00 (1 month duration)

To get a contest set up for your business call 250-641-5712
Or to order online – click the button below: