Call Tracking Phone Systems

We supply tracking phone numbers and systems that can be used in many ways to benefit your business. These can utilise text (SMS), text media (MMS) and phone calls.

One of the major benefits is the ability to calculate ROI (return on ad investment) by using these tracking systems.

Here are some scenarios where call tracking scenarios can benefit you.

Forward a Phone Call and Record It

Common uses: (records each call and provides evidence of response volume)

    • Online ads
    • Offline ads
    • Website calls
    • To monitor how your staff interacts with prospects

Simple SMS App to Deliver a URL

Common uses:

    • Print ads – (ie: text xxxxx to 555-555-5555 delivers the URL of a coupon)
    • Online ads – same as above
    • Basically any URL can be delivered which allows you to use this as an entry point for any system you build.

Phone Menu and Record It

When people call the tracking number it offers a menu of options that help you direct them to the products, services or offers most suited to them. It can be set to record the calls and provides evidence of response volume.

Set Up A Browser Phone

A tracking number can be set up so that your office can call clients using a USB phone headset. This can be an effective way to run a service to remind clients of appointments.

Make a Call From a Visited Web Page & Record It

This can be useful if you have prospects visiting your website and would like them to call you. You just create a link like “Click To Call” or “Tap To Call” on the page. Then redirect that to an app page that instigates and records each call.

Create a Conference Line and Record It

This application delivers a “wait while we connect you” voice message to callers and then begins recording the call after 2 or more people have joined the call.

Send MMS Text Messages

Texts to the tracking phone number result in a photo of a coupon being delivered to the caller.

Vanity Phone Numbers

The tracking number can be a vanity number such as 555-55pizza, or 555-55sales. These numbers are obviously limited and more expensive but can really enhance SMS (text), MMS (textmedia) and regular phone traffic for certain businesses.

Call us or open a ticket on our support desk to get set up.